The following of his plays have been performed on stage:

  1. "Cyprus, 1974 AD (Sound and Light, Lefkosia, 1975).
  2. "Christakis's Revolution" (Lefkosia Festival, 1978).
  3. "The Tent" (New Theater Group, Lefkosia - Athens, 1979-1980).
  4. "Kronos" (Lefkosia Festival, 1980. New Theater Group, Lefkosia - Ithaki, 1981).
  5. "The Mirror" (New Theater Group, Lefkosia - Ithaki, 1981).
  6. "Ioannikios" (Cyprus Theater Organization, 1983).
  7. "The Lion-Heart in Cyprus" (Vl. Kafkarides New Theater, 1985, The Lemesos Theatrical Development Group, 1994), the Nea Ionia Municipal Theatre, Athens, 1995-1996.

His works "Ioannikios", "Kronos", as well as many Cyprus small-plays he wrote earlier (1964-1970) have been broadcasted on the CyBC's radio. Indeed, many were so popular that they were broadcasted again, repeatedly.

"Ioannikios" was broadcasted also by the Greek radio of ERT (Hellenic Radio-Television) and was filmed by CyBC's television (1993). His theatrical plays include also the "Synedria ton Thaumaton" (The Conference of Miracles), which won a prize in the pancyprian contest sposored by the Embassy of Greece, in 1977, "The Demon of Prostitution" (1988). "Ioannikios" won the first prize in the first theater contest proclaimed by the Cyprus Theater Organization in 1982.

In television, besides the current affairs programs, he had also directed more than 85 documentaries for which he wrote the script. The most important are: "Kashalos", "Response to George Seferis from the Cyprus of 1974 AD", "Seferis and Cyprus", "Cyprus in London" (a documentary about the Cypriot community in London), "Kerynia Two", "Imperial Eagle", "Planning for the Homeless", "El Alamein", "Testimonies" (14 programs), "Amathus" and other documetaries.He wrote, hosted, produced and directed the television series "The History of Ancient Cyprus", (1993, 13 episodes), "The History of Byzantine Cyprus", (1996, 10 episodes), "The History of Medieval Cyprus", (1997, 12 episodes), and "The History of Modern Cyprus", (1999, 13 episodes).. His film "The Descent to the Tomb' was also important and was presented in many film festivals in Europe.

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