In 1982 Pavlides established, and still administers today, the Publishing House "Philokypros / Filokipros", which specializes in Cypriological publications. In this capacity, Andros Pavlides undertook the publication of other writers's books, especially of books of archaeological and Cypriologic content.

Many of his short stories, studies, articles, speeches and essays on current events have been published in various publications. Many of his works have been translated and are included in various anthologies in Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Romania, Italy and elsewhere.

  1. "Pinelies" (Brush-strokes, short-stories, 1969).
  2. "To Brountzino Cheri" (The Bronze Hand, novel, 1971).
  3. "Palia Istoria" (Old Story, short-story, 1971).
  4. "The Tanks" (a novel about the events at the Polytechnic in Athens, 1973).
  5. "Travelling" 1-Rome - Florence (1974).
  6. "Kypros 1974, Meres Symphoras" (Cyprus 1974, Days of Disaster). Album, in collaboration with the photographer D. Partasides, a National Bank of Greece' s edition in greek and english, Athens, 1974).
  7. "Ehthroi" (Enemies), novel, 1975, and 2nd edition, 1995.
  8. "Seventeen Small Essays", articles and political comments, 1977.
  9. "Makarios", biography, two volumes, 1978-1979.
  10. "Makarios - Historical Documents (1980).
  11. "Fakellos Kypros-Akros Aporriton" (The Cyprus File-Top Secret), a research of the Cyprus tragedy, two volumes, 1981-1982 and 2nd edition, Athens, 1983.
  12. "Chronikon Leontiou Machera" (The Chronicle of Leontios Macheras), the entire medieval text with Pavlides' own translation into Modern Greek, as well as his notes and comments, 1983, and second edition, 1995.
  13. "I Kypros Hthes" (Cyprus Yesterday), an album with gravures, 1983.
  14. "Theatrical" (Volume 1, the plays "O Kathreftis" [The Mirror], "Kronos", "To Antiskino" [The Tent] and "Ioannikios"), 1983.
  15. "Theatrical" (Volume 2, the play "The Lion-Heart in Cyprus"), 1985.
  16. "Biographia Patridas" (My Homeland's Biography), poetry, 1986.
  17. "Paphos,town and district", with photographs by St. Yiasemides, published in Greek and English, 1987.
  18. "Morphou", 1989.
  19. "Cyprus-geography and history", Athens, 1989-1993.
  20. "Chronikon Georgiou Boustroniou" (The Chronicle of George Bustron), 1989.
  21. "The Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia", 15 volumes, 1984-1991.
  22. "Istoria tis Nisou Kyprou" (The History of the Island of Cyprus), 4 volumes, 1991-1993. The same in CD-ROM, 1997, and an english CD-ROM edition, 1999.
  23. "Cyprus through Centuries, in the writings of her foreign visitors" , 3 volumes, 1993-1994.
  24. "Oi Aphaneis" (The Unknown Heroes) and other short-stories, 1994.
  25. "Ammochostos, its name as a proof of its Greek origin", 1994, and in English, 1995.
  26. "To Petagma tou Gerakiou" (The Phalcon's Flight), a search in Thailand, and biography of Constantine Phalcon, a man of Greek origin who became the most important person in Siam in the 18th century, 1995.
  27. "A Brief History of Cyprus", 1996, 2nd edition 1997, 3rd edition, 1995.
  28. "Chronologiki Istoria tis Kyprou" (The Chronological History of Cyprus", first published by archimandrite Kyprianos in Venice, in 1788. The entire original text with Pavlides' notes and comments, 1997.
  29. "Imerologion Taxidiotou" (Traveller's diary), poetry, 1998.
  30. "The History of Cyprus by Florio Bustron", written in the middle of 16th century. Translated from the italian original text with notes and comments of Andros Pavlides, in collaboration with Anna Ercolani, 1999.

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