Andros Pavlides was born in Kilani village of the Lemesos district. He graduated from the Technical school of Lefkosia. He has also studied art, and he continues painting, non- professionally. He participated in group exhibitions in Ammochostos and Lefkosia. In addition, since his school years had dealt with the theater, prose writing, poetry and journalism.

In Jannuary 1968 he was emlpoyed by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC's Television), where is working to the present day as first officer (producer - director).

Andros Pavlides has written short-stories, novels, poetries, theatrical plays, essays on current affairs, travels, studies, articles, critics, radio and T.V. scripts, scripts for documentaries, which he directed. He used to work also as a collumnist for the newspapers "Ta Nea", "Demokratiki", "Elevtheri Kypros", "Kirikas" and "Satiriki", for the magazines "Selides" and "Eklogi".He collaborated with many other publications in Cyprus and abroad. He won various literary prizes. After the Cyprus tragedy of 1974, he turned to the hisorical research and the "book-document".

Andros Pavlides participated in international scientific, literary, theatrical and television conferences in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, former Yugoslavia (where his work "The Bronze hand" was published in Slovenia in 1975), former Soviet Union, Italy, France, Cuba, Egypt and Spain.

He served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Theater Writers Group, as well as of the Cyprus Center (Branch) of the International Theater Institute and the Cyprus Art Film Club. He also delivered many speeches / lectures on historical subjects of Cyprus.

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