The new History of Cyprus on CD ROM (in English or Greek) features over 3000 pages of text, covering the Prehistoric, Historic, Middle Ages and Modern history of the island. Fascinating photographs of historic settlements are complemented by 3-D graphics illustrations that take the reader right to the heart of the story.

A detailed timeline explains in brief the major periods of Cyprus' history. An easy-to-navigate search system means the reader will never be confused or find it hard to keep track of historic figures. Digital video clips add a vividly real dimension to the turbulent history of the twentieth century.

The History of Cyprus is easy to read yet detailed in the extreme, and brings to life the ancient battles in the Mediterranean between the Greeks and the Persians. Read about the great King of Salamis, and how Rome conquered the island with a bluff.

Over three years of development have gone into making History of Cyprus a comprehensive and inspiring account of the island's stories.

Every detail has been expertly reviewed and confirmed by teams of experts and by the author of the encyclopedia volume,
Andros Pavlides.
English and Greek version available

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