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 January  2014
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7 Tue Tuesday 7 January to Thursday 30 January - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre Shadowplay A collection of paintings by Ioakim Raftopoulos, showing spontaneous gesture and experimentation with new materials, in a process to understand the specific capacity of abstraction which transcends the world of
objects and representations and has an integrative and possibly anaesthetic, narcotic function. Private view on Friday 10 January, 6.30-8.30pm. For opening hours call 020 7487 5060.
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14 Tue Tuesday 14 January, 7.15pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Paper Icons - Orthodox Prints, A Nineteenth-Century Icon-Paintersí Collection of Greek Religious Engravings and their Role to Painters A lecture in English by Dr Claire Brisby, Courtauld Institute of Art. The lecture shows how an unknown collection of prints in a Balkan icon-painters' archive illuminates our understanding of Greek religious engravings and paintersí use of them in their work. It discusses how their imagery explains the reasons for their production and reflects the impact of their publication in the central European centres of Vienna and Venice on theirassimilation of western imagery. Particular focus is given to the fragmentary evidence of prints of two Orthodox engravings which sheds light on paintersí use of prints as sources of innovative iconography, which then leads to conclude that the role of visual prototypes should be recognised as integral part of their intended function. Free entry but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org
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17 Fri Friday 17 January, 7pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Vasilopitta Greek celebration for the New Year with tombola and traditional Greek dancing organised by Lykion ton Hellinidon. Free entry for members. Further information on 020
8343 1353.
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19 Sun Sunday, 19 January, 4pm, Κοπή Βασιλίπιτας Ελληνικής Κυπριακής Αδελφότητας, Britannia House, N12
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21 Tue Tuesday 21 January, 6.30pm to 8.30pm - Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, SW3 2JL Vasilopitta organised by the Ionian Society. An event to welcome the New Year. Tickets at
£15 include buffet food, wine and music. Further information and bookings on 020 7225 0305, 07808 777946 or at anastasia.savidu@hotmail.co.uk stamo@btinternet.com
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25 Sat Saturday 25 January, 7.30pm to 10.30pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre Vasilopitta and Greek Evening Share with us our traditional New Yearís cake and enjoy an evening of Greek live music, dance and food! For further information and bookings call
020 7487 5060. Tickets at £18, concessions £15 include a plate of Greek meze. Cash bar available. Organised by the Hellenic Centre, Eteria Ellinon Epistimonon and the Peloponnesian Association of Great Britain.
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28 Tue Tuesday 28 January, 7.30pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Lecture in Greek by Prof Emmanuel D Perselis. Part of the celebrations for Christian and Greek Literature organised by the Archdiocese of Thyatira. Further information on 020 7723
4787. Supported by the Hellenic Centre.
29 Wed Wednesday 29 January, 7pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Amorgos: The Ancient Tower at Horio-Aghia Triada and the Adjacent Buildings of
Later Times.
An illustrated lecture by Professor Emerita Lila Marangou on the archaeology of the island of Amorgos. Further information and bookings at admin@gacuk.org
www.gacuk.org  Organised by the Greek Archaeological Committee UK.
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