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 February 2014
1 Sat Saturday 1 February, 7.30pm, Ετήσια Χοροεσπερίδα ΔΗΚΟ Αγγλίας, Penridge Suite, New Southgate. Tel: 020 8368 1754
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3 Mon Monday 3 February to Monday 24 February - Bar, Hellenic Centre
“The Existing Real” Ariadne Kritonos. An exhibition of collages by Ariadne Kritonos. This is the artists first solo exhibition presenting a selection of her most recent works. Private view Thursday 13 February, 6.30-8.30pm. For opening hours call 020 7487 5060. Supported by the Hellenic Centre.

Monday 3 February to Sunday 2 March - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
Double-Decker An exhibition of paintings by Giannis Bekiaris, deriving from the artist’s instinctual need to express on canvas all those elements that fascinate him in the cityscapes of London. Private view
on Wednesday 5 February, 6.30-8.30pm. For opening hours call 020
7487 5060. Supported by the Hellenic Centre.

4 Tue Tuesday 4 February to Sunday 2 March - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Patterns of Magnificence: Tradition and Reinvention in Greek Women’s Costume. The multiform traditions of Greek women’s dress are among the richest and most splendid in the world. This exhibition brings together over forty superb originals from the eighteenth to
the early twentieth century, many of which will be on display in London for the first time. The exhibition is open daily Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm. Free entry. Further information on 020 7487 5060 or at www.helleniccentre.org www.patternsofmagnificence.org
5 Wed Wednesday 5 February, 7.15pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
From Loom and Needle to Canvas and Paintbrush: Images of Greek Costume in 19th and 20th Century Painting Evita Arapoglou, art historian, will unfold the story of modern Greek painting through the layers of Greek costumes, the people who wore them and the
artists who painted them. Greek costumes fascinated artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. Elaborate depictions of them were drawn to illustrate historical scenes from the War of Independence; beautiful designs and embroideries were meticulously detailed in
formal portraits; colourful woven textiles were invoked to describe rural scenes reviving images of everyday village life. Free entry. Limited availability; booking essential on
020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org Organised by the Hellenic Centre.
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12 Wed Wednesday 12 February, 1.15pm to 2pm - British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG Ancient and Modern Greek Textiles and their Meaning Joint Gallery talk by Ian Jenkins
(Senior Curator at the British Museum) and Natasha Lemos (Hellenic Centre), organised on the occasion of the exhibition “Patterns of Magnificence” at the Hellenic Centre. Free entry.

Wednesday 12 February, 7.15pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
What Lord Byron Saw in Greece (1809-1811) Roderick Beaton, Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature at King’s College London, follows the travels of the young Lord Byron through Greece and western Asia Minor and how the strangeness and the newness of all that he saw affected him as a poet and helped him to write one of the most famous bestsellers in the English language, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, whose first two cantos were published in March 1812. Free entry.

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15 Sat Από τις Αυλές στα Σαλόνια & Δουλειές με Φούντες
From the Courtyards to the Living Rooms & Work like Crazy Two documentaries based on Dr Angeliki Milonaki’s books of the same titles present the “modernisation” of post war Greece through some of
the most popular characters, quotes and scenes from the “golden era” of Greek film of the 50s-60s-70s. We witness the impact of reconstruction and internal migration in Athens, as we move from the houses with the communal yards to the living rooms of the modern apartment blocks (Από τις Αυλές στα Σαλόνια). We also see, as familiar stereotypes of business people of the period come forward, the changes and the thriving of business enterprises (Δουλειές με Φούντες). Length of each documentary: 30min; language Greek with English subtitles. Screening times on both days: 1.15-2.30pm and 3.15-4.30pm. Free entry for all screenings but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org Organised by the Hellenic Centre with the assistance of Eirini Nikopoulou.
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18 Tue Tuesday 18 February, 7.15pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Traces and Influences of Greek Local Dress in Contemporary Fashion and Costume Design Dr Sofia Pantouvaki, scenographer and Professor of Costume Design at Aalto University, Finland, presents a selection of designs from the fields of fashion and theatrical
costume by Greek, Cypriot and international couturiers and costume designers. The variety of Greek local dress and its distinctive features have inspired contemporary creative production in the field of design both in present-day fashion and in performance costume.
Within a new aesthetic, social and cultural framework, modern creators interpret elements of Greek popular culture moving on from the ‘folklore’ approach, and transform the forms and meanings of the past into expressive media for the present. Free entry. Limited availability;
booking essential on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org  Organised by the Hellenic Centre.
19 Wed  
20 Thu Thursday 20 February, 7.30pm - The Crypt, St Sophia, Moscow Road, W2 4LQ Tsiknopempti A celebration of Greek Carnival with food, music and Greek dancing organised by Lykion ton Hellinidon. Further information and bookings on 020 8343 1353, 020 7229 4086, 07973 752881.
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