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September 2013
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6 Fri Friday 6 September to Saturday 21 September - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
Nisia, A Celebration of the Beauty of the Greek Islands A selection of paintings in acrylics by John Heywood. The paintings are inspired by the Greek Islands the artist visits every year and depict scenes from Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Fournoi and Crete. Meet-the-artist days: Tuesday 10 September, 5.30-8.30pm; Friday 20 September, 2-6pm; Saturday 21
September, 9am-1pm. For further opening hours call 020 7487 5060
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20 Fri Friday 20 September
Teaching Greek as a Second Language
A seminar organised by Greek Embassy. Speaker Ioannis Kazazis
Venue : Europa House, 32 Smith Square, London, SSW1P 3EU.
Tel: 020 7221 0093

Friday 20 September, 9am to 6pm & Saturday 21 September, 9am to 1pm
Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Energy Developments in South East Mediterranean A conference jointly organised by City University London and the Research Centre for Energy Management at ESCP Europe Business School. Free entry. Further information from Prof Dinos Arcoumanis, Ambassador of
the Hellenic Republic (Energy Policy and New Technologies) and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, City University London at c.arcoumanis@city.ac.uk and Dr Kostas Andriosopoulos, Director, Research Centre for Energy Management at ESCP Europe at kandriosopoulos@escpeurope.eu

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28 Sat Saturday 28 September - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Dinner Dance organised by the Hellenic Medical Society. Further information at secretary@hellenicmedicalsocietyuk.org
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30 Mon Monday 30 September, 7.15pm - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
The Walls of Byzantium Book presentation by James Heneage. “The Walls of Byzantium” is the first of the Mistra Chronicles series in which James Heneage will tell the story of the last decades before the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the mid-fifteenth century. The story begins and ends in the little Despotate of Mistra in the Peloponnese, from where three
families from the two cities of Mistra and Monemvasia will emerge to commit their destinies to the salvation, or destruction, of their empire. Byzantium must pursue two parallel strategies to survive, one facing east and the other west. The books will tell the tales of a hero who will travel from Renaissance Italy to Ming China in his quest to save his empire. It is the story of a time when heroes and monsters (such as the Mongol Tamerlane) strode the earth and when truth was stranger than fiction. Free entry but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org

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