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 October  2013
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7 Mon Monday 7 October, 7.15pm – Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
Greeks of Alexandria An illustrated talk in English by Eirini Chrysocheri focussing on Greek Alexandrians who were compelled to abandon the city, they still perceive as a privileged site of cosmopolitan values and lifestyle, at the time of the Egyptian national revolution of 1952. The talk reveals the different ways the city of Alexandria was constructed and reconstructed in the imaginaries of those forced to challenge the distance created by time and space. The lecture will be followed by G Augeropoulos’s documentary film Egypt: The Other Homeland
(in Greek with English subtitles). Free entry but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org
8 Tue Tuesday 8 October to Thursday 24 October - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
Co-existence An exhibition of paintings by Artemis Tsitouris. In these colourful paintings, which have a tendency towards abstraction, colour and form compliment each other, in order to co-exist. Private view on Monday 7 October, 6.30-8.30pm. For opening hours call 020 7487 5060.
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11 Fri Friday 11 October, 7.15pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
C P Cavafy in Music, A Recital of Songs and Reflections After a most successful tour in the USA in 2012 and recently at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, this unique presentation is coming to the Hellenic Centre. Marking 150 years from C P Cavafy's birth, the event is an evening of poetry and music that incorporates a scholarly approach, with Alexandra Gravas, mezzo soprano, Dr Pantelis Polychronidis, piano, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada and Professor Vassilis Lambropoulos, C P Cavafy Chair of Modern Greek Studies, University of Michigan. The programme brings together music and poetry, the two most popular areas of Modern Greek culture, focuses on the internationally best known Greek poet and examines the challenges presented by his poetry and the diverse musical idioms that have been used to turn it into art song. Included here are Cavafy poems set to music by Greek, American, German and French composers such as Mitropoulos, Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Papademetriou, Boissel, Rorem, Bolcom, Rekleitis, Stephanidis, Tsoupaki, Plessas and Gompper. Free entry but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at
press@helleniccentre.org  Organised by the Hellenic Centre with the support of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture UK, as part of the Greek Ministry of Culture's "2014: C P Cavafy Year"
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14 Mon Monday 14 October, 7.15pm - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
Michael Ventris, Linear B, and the Triumph of the Architect’s Thought An illustrated talk in English by Emmanouil Stavrakakis. Having solved one of the great puzzles of the 20th century, deciphering Linear B, Michael Ventris did not only prove that the script from Knossos represented the early form of Ancient Greek language, but he also gained the world’s admiration because he had received no classical, archaeological or linguistic education. Instead, he had studied architecture. This presentation will focus on aspects of Ventris’s
education in the 1940s at the Architectural Association, on his work in architecture (more specifically on the house he built in Hampstead) and on moments of his decipherment. Free entry but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org
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18 Fri Friday 18 October, 7pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
St Demetrios Celebration An event featuring the renowned Vlasti Dancing Group from western Macedonia and an illustrated lecture in English on “Praise to the Macedonian Struggle: The Heroes and the Writer Penelopi Delta”. Free entry but please confirm attendance by 10 October at sec@macedonia.org.uk  Organised by the Macedonian Society of Great Britain.

Friday 18 October, 7.30pm - St Sophia’s Cathedral, Moscow Road, London W2
Memorial Concert for the Distinguished Byzantinist Julian Chrysostomides
(21.IV.1928-18.X.2008) The Arcadia Mundi Symphonic Orchestra, directed by George Hlawiczka and Anastasios Strikos, will perform the premiere of the Julian Suite, Opus 85, composed for this special occasion by the Greek composer Philippos Tsalachouris. Free entry. For further information and bookings please contact Dr Charalambos Dendrinos at Ch.Dendrinos@rhul.ac.uk  Organised by the Hellenic Institute of Royal Holloway, University of London.

19 Sat Saturday 19 October, 2.30pm to 9.30pm - Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 Greece is the Word - The Culture Behind the Crisis: What You Need to Know. A celebration of Modern Greek literature and culture, a cutting-edge, creative response to the Greek crisis. Join British ‘Greek Greeks’, historian Bettany Hughes, novelist Victoria Hislop and BBC correspondent Paul Mason as well as a pantheon of Greek stars for a lively day of debate and performance to highlight the triumphs and tragedies of Greek life and literature.
Discussions on contemporary Greek poetry and literature with poets Katerina Iliopoulou, Dionysis Kapsalis and Vassilis Amanatidis, novelists Ioanna Karystiani and Alexis Stamatis and translator David Connolly; a provocative debate about the Greek crisis with journalist Maria Margaronis and other influential Greek panellists; an evening of comedy, music, drama and literature hosted by stand-up comic Katerina Vrana. All events are in English. Further information and bookings on 0844 875 0073 or at www.southbanckcentre.co.uk
20 Sun Sunday 20 October, 3pm - Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, London SW3
Fashion Show organised by the Ionian Society. Further information and bookings on 020 7589 2371.
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24 Thu Thursday 24 October, 7.30pm - Leighton House Museum, Holland Park Road, London W14  Impressions - East Meets West London premiere of Constantinos Stylianou’s Preludes with pianist Rustem Kudoyarov. Programme to also include works by Debussy, Liszt, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev. Further information and bookings on 020 7602 1416 or at lisa@lisapeacock.co.uk
25 Fri riday 25 October, 7.30pm - Jacob’s Restaurant, 20 Gloucester Road, London SW7
Kantades Evening organised by the Ionian Society. Tickets £25 include food and a glass of wine. Further information and bookings on 020 7589 2371.
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29 Tue Tuesday 29 October to Thursday 21 November - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
Ροές Φωτός-Streams of Light
An exhibition of new works by Mina Kordali. The works are innovative constructions made of canvas, paper, wood and illuminating neon tubes which aim to show how light, as a dominant element of creation and communication, has the power to transform. Private view on Monday 11 November, 6.30-8.30pm. For
opening hours call 020 7487 5060.

Tuesday 29 October, 7.15pm - Friends Room, Hellenic Centre
British Colonial Architecture in Cyprus 1878-1960 A presentation of the recently published book by Professor Costas Georghiou, Chartered Architect & Town Planner. There will be an introduction by Richard Brindley, Executive Director RIBA, followed by an illustrated presentation by the author. Architecture and Town Planning can tell us a lot about the relationship between the British Colonial Administration and the Cypriots living on the island during this
period. The subject therefore appeals to a wider audience who wish to know more about what physical structures can tell us about our history, colonialism, power and decision making. Free entry but please confirm attendance on 020 7563 9835 or at press@helleniccentre.org

30 Wed Thursday 31 October, 7pm - Great Hall, Hellenic Centre
The Cyprus Trio in a recital of classical music. Free entry but please confirm attendance on 07564 696626 or at kcharalambous@btconnect.com  Organised by the Cultural Department of the Cyprus High Commission.
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