THEATRO TECHNIS (22 Crowndale Road )


The Company was first established in 1957 to present plays in Greek for the Cypriot community in North London. Initially working as a touring company, touring to the Greek-Cypriot communities in London and around the country, the company became venue-based in the early 70’s at a venue near Kings Cross and, since 1978, at the present venue in Crowndale Road. Over the last forty years, the company’s artistic policy has expanded to include theatre about Greek & Cypriot culture in English which has enabled it to establish a wider audience. The company received significant funding from LAB, Camden Council and the Arts Council in the 1980’s which established the theatre as a venue for Classical Greek theatre and modern day contemporary plays. In the 1990’s public funding was gradually reduced, encouraging Theatro Technis to develop new strands of income. By the late 1990’s the theatre had become entirely self-supporting with no reliance on public funding and had evolved into the small multilingual international fringe theatre that it is today showing plays in foreign languages and in English translation by UK, European and International theatre groups.

In 1997 the decision was taken to change the management structure of the theatre to focus solely on the promotion of the venue as a fringe theatre resource for London and a community theatre for Camden. Funding will be ring-fenced making the venue more financially robust and self-sufficient. The Production company will remain focused on presenting theatre from Greek and Cypriot culture. More dependent than the venue on revenue funding, the division between the two operations will allow better risk management and greater flexibility for gearing down activities of the production company in line with income.

The Venue

As London’s leading International and Multi-lingual fringe theatre, Theatro Technis will promote a new International theatre from Europe, and UK to London’s multi-cultural theatre community. Theatro Technis will be the main venue in London for foreign language productions. As an international fringe venue, the theatre will house three seasons of plays with European and International themes, two annual festivals and an integrated educational programme for schools and the local community. In the longer term Theatro Technis will develop a European & International theatre network working towards the development of a new form of theatre for the new millennium.

The Company

As the main classical Greek theatre Production Company in London, Theatro Technis will promote Classical plays in Greek and English. The company will also nurture new contemporary playwrights from the Greek & Cypriot community and present their work to a London audience. Links between Cyprus, Greece and London will be developed to ensure cultural exchanges and educational programmes for the Greek and Cypriot community in Camden, London and UK.



The Venue

  • Promote International Theatre in English focusing on European productions.

  • Focus on foreign language productions with a minimum of 25% solely in the original language or bi-lingual productions (including English).

  • Encourage new writing by prioritising productions of new work.

  • Develop an integrated educational programme focusing on schools and the local community.

Theatro Technis policy is to build on the growth of European theatre in London over the last 10 years. With an established track record of foreign language theatre and translations it's aim is to become an ambassador for European theatre in Camden, London and UK. Theatro Technis’ annual European theatre & arts festival will be one of the primary forums for theatre companies from Europe to showcase their work to a London multicultural & multilingual audience.

Equally important is the need for the artistic and educational policies to be fully integrated to ensure that educational programmes facilitate audience development, bring more young people into the theatre and develop the community links established since 1978.

The Company

  • To stage two productions a year from the Greek Classics: one production at Theatre Technis and one at another venue.

  • To stage one new play a year being from a young Greek / Cypriot playwright.

  • To stage one children’s/youth theatre production which will include touring to Greek Schools in the local community.

  • To present the annual Cyprus Week festival, showing theatre , dance and other arts from Greek / Cypriot culture at Theatro Technis

  • To present an annual Greek /Cypriot arts week at the Hellenic and other Cultural Centres & Theatres in collaboration with the internationally renowned ‘Diastasis’ Company and other cultural groups from Cyprus.

The policy aims is to maintain the links between the work of the theatre and the social and community work that the production company has done over the last 40 years for London’s Greek and Cypriot communities. To create strong links with the community encouraging youth projects with schools and colleges and ensuring the continuing development of the Greek Classics in the form of new adaptations as a part of the schools curriculum.


The Venue

The venue’s education policy has been created in consultation with Camden Council and concentrates on three areas - the role of the theatre in the Crowndale Road area, the annual programme of workshops and educational activities and the provision of foreign language productions tied in to the national school curriculum.

Crowndale Road

The location of the theatre, in between Camden and King’s Cross, places it in an area with significant social problems at a time of major development. The role of cultural organisations in the social, cultural and educational well-being of the local community is well recognised by Camden Council who have identified the following objectives in their arts and tourism strategy 1997-2003;

  • Encourage local people to enjoy the Borough’s cultural facilities

  • Promote civic pride by raising awareness of the Borough’s history and cultural diversity

  • Celebrate the diversity within the Borough and promote equal opportunities for all

  • Increase visitor numbers to the Borough’s specialist and smaller cultural facilities

  • Contribute to crime prevention and community safety initiatives

  • Inform local residents about benefits and issues relating to arts and tourism

Theatro Technis will play an important role in the Borough’s plans for improving the services for the local community. The theatre will provide a year-round programme of activities including a specific educational programme and the existence of the arts café open every weekend.

The Educational Programme

The educational programme will include three Workshops - for drama, music and dance, a three-week long Summer School, Youth Development projects organised in collaboration with Camden Council and youth placements from school and colleges in theatre administration and stage management.

Foreign Language Productions

Priority will be given to foreign language productions that are tied in to the national curriculum. Previous examples of this include the production of F.G.Lorca’s plays in spring 1997, which was marketed to schools and colleges in London and resulted in attendance rates significantly higher than the annual average.

The Company

The company’s education policy is focused on the Greek / Cypriot community and aims to ensure exposure to the Greek Classics and contemporary plays through productions at Theatro Technis venue and through touring to Greek church schools and other independent community schools. In particular, the company will encourage young people from the Greek / Cypriot community to join the children’s theatre section of the company and to take an active part in the development of new projects. There will be at least one production annually by the Children’s theatre company.